Left to right: Jamie Ellin Forbes, Anatoli Kharlanov, Lukas Forbes, Steve Matric, German help crew, Schnieder Family, Michael Lang,,, Pearl Forbes, Victor Forbes

   There are currently 217 works of art displayed at WoodStock ’94  these pages.  The ’99  art works, Many magazine articles and photographs are now added.  Woodstock ’94-’99 were artistic events for  public display venues which were massive in scope.http://www.fineartmagazine.com/News_Edit.aspx?Action=Edit&ArticleID=34

    In Woodstock ’94, the 25th Anniversary and the Woodstock ’99, the 30th Anniversary Reunion, Michael Lang, producer/owner and original developer of the Woodstock cultural  phenomena, authorized the sponsorship of a cohesive visual artistic statement for each of these occasions. A Wall of Peace (1994) and Artists for Peace and the Environment (1999) would be the foundational warp and weft for the fine art venues to be shown. These two Woodstock events and concerts displayed hundreds of artistic images that defined a cultural message intended to reflect the mass popular culture of all three Woodstock ventures. Michael, his curatorial colleagues, Barbara Pensoy, myself, Victor Forbes, and Mel Lawrence used art as the means for communicating the language of contemporary mass pop culture to an enthusiastic and participatory audience which exceeded two hundred an fifty thousand attendees and additional hundreds of millions through various media and artistic focus internationally for Woodstock ’94 and Woodstock ’99.



The group above has been supportive and instrumental in  developing ,organizing to make opportunities for  the WoodStock  art  continue to be seen..The results are on some of the following pages
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